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Michael Durrell Stallings

Michael Durrell Stallings was born February 17, 1970, in St. Louis, Missouri to Roosevelt T. Stallings and Lula B. Tipton-Stallings. His death was devastatingly sudden, but his life was a creative force that astonished all who bore witness.

Before earning a master’s degree in International Management from Southeastern University and a career in the public sector, he was a spirited pre-k student at St. Martin’s Child Care Center in Kinloch. Michael would soon enroll in the Normandy School District and earn his high school diploma in spring of 1988. It was during his time at Normandy High School where Michael developed his talents as a writer and singer by participating in local showcases and plays. By fall, Michael journeyed to Alabama as student at Tuskegee University.

During his college years, Michael explored his interest and embraced his middle name, Durrell, as his identity. He would record music, perform, and pursue a recording career. By the time he graduated with his marketing degree, Durrell had amassed a collection of recorded songs that would continue to be a part of his life and loved ones for years to come. His experience at Tuskegee shaped him as many of his close friends knew him primarily as Durrell even if they were not familiar with his music or attended his college

Michael Durrell Stallings leaves behind his legacy of creative work from his music and his garden to the community he cultivated online through The Planted Eye. He is survived by parents, his brothers Roosevelt T. Stallings, Jr and MK Stallings; his three nieces Roslyn, Rian, Vaughn; four nephews Roosevelt, Aaron, Coltrane, and Gillespie; and two sisters-in-law Donna and Alex. Michael was blessed to have so many loving family members and friends.

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